Santa Clara County

Laundry Facilities

WaterLink will engage contractors to install an ozone system in on-premise laundries for operations such as skilled nursing facilities and hotels. The system is connected to the incoming cold-water line  going directly to the washer. Significant gas savings are achieved due to the reduction of hot water usage from washing with cold, ozonated water. Total water usage is reduced as a result of cycle reduction and shorter wash time. Additional benefits include decreased sewage cost, longer linen life, shorter drying time and reduced electricity.

Ozone can be generated easily from dry air, removes soils effectively, and works in cold water. It cleans fabrics by removing electrons from the soils, breaking down the molecules so that they are released from the linens. After a wash cycle, excess ozone breaks down into oxygen gas and mixes harmlessly with the atmosphere.

WaterLink will install between 15 and 30 systems. Typical ozone systems cost approximately $15,000. WaterLink will cover all or nearly all of the project cost.

If you’re interested in having your facility considered as a project site, call 855-815-1385 or email us.